happyYesterday, we launched a CrowdRise campaign in the hopes of raising money to help us do the work that we love here at Lady Parts Justice League. Championing bodily autonomy and exposing anti-choice shitheads while also providing support and morale for the unsung heroes of women’s health: abortion providers and clinics.

In the wake of the tragedy at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, it is clear now, more than ever, that the fight for reproductive justice in this country is in a critical state. We have gone from being attacked in legislatures around the country to being physically attacked in clinics that are supposed to be safe spaces. The violent rhetoric is now translating into actual violence. And these dangerous voices are undeterred. But neither are ours. In the face of such a horrific event, we have to rally because if not, who will?

This is why we fight. And this is why we appreciate your support in our fight. Through your generous donations you are saying loud and clear that people who care will always find ways to come together, support and build community based on protecting people and standing by the principal that the lives of patients, doctors and providers are important, valuable and worthy of protection.

When you donated nearly $18,000 within the first day, we were blown away. What an amazing way to kick off our end of year giving event! No matter how big or small the donation, the message is still the same and just as powerful. We will stand strong in the face of what seems like insurmountable opposition if it means protecting the the rights of women.

When we started Lady Parts Justice League, we knew there was a desperate need for what we do: smashing the stigma of abortion and advocating for providers work tirelessly and yet are tasked with defending themselves from anti-choice zealots. And we want to thank you so much for joining us in this fight.


There's still time to donate: Click Here!