Y’all the Missouri story, will it even end, will we be debating this poor clinic’s fate until the end of time, will the only news in the next election cycle in Missouri be which Republican is most committed to standing outside of this clinic and making sure it never opens???

Honestly we wish the state (and EVERY STATE) was as fucking committed to ACTUAL HEALTHCARE as it is to dinging a clinic for every little thing they do! Like hey, maybe the real tragedy of our healthcare system is that people have to put up GoFundMe’s to pay for their insulin… not that a clinic has 3 complications in THOUSANDS of procedures. OF COURSE there’s complications occasionally in healthcare! It’s honestly like, an abortion clinic has to do everything right and if they do everything right and report everything right when there are complications THEY STILL GET DINGED. And creepy politicians demand EVEN MORE regulations which would NOT stop complications from happening because THEY HAPPEN! Abortion is safe. Period.

The state did not renew the clinic’s license, we’re going to court again.

We said yesterday that it feels like anti-choicers are like, really not even trying anymore because they just know they’re gonna win. And that is why the HHS news today is so disheartening. A federal appeals court upheld the administrations Title X regulations which are tantamount to a global gag rule.

People who have no knowledge of or care for the reproductive welfare of patients seeking Title X, will be in charge. People who are seeking healthcare will be sacrificed. And this is all in the name of grandstanding about abortion. TITLE X MONEY ALREADY CAN’T GO TO ABORTION! This is just making everything harder for people who… do not deserve MORE HARDSHIP!

It hasn’t been a good week, readers. Let’s fight twice as hard next week!