Y’all, we didn’t expect to be REFRESHED today! It’s humid and gross in New York, our reproductive rights are being eroded by monsters with a lot of power. Honestly, life is a waking nightmare. And yet… we feel, a little refreshed thanks to this article from Slate. The headline, OK, is a bit weird “Why Won’t Parents Talk About Helping Their Daughters Get Abortions?”. Like, it seems niche, but we love niche. But actually, the writer starts by relating an experience everyone can… well, relate to. A man makes a joke at the expense of her (AND HER DAUGHTER) and everyone laughs. He says now that her daughter is getting older, the woman is entering the “Grandma Danger Zone.” Get it? GET IT??? Honestly, men, save the humor for the women, you know. Sit this one out. And then when she jokes back that it’s fine cuz she’d just help her daughter get an abortion… HE has the nerve to act offended. IDK we know this sounds frustrating, but it’s a good read about a mom talking frankly and honestly to her daughter about abortion and the right to choose. We loved it.

Even this depressing-ass article with this headline “When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die. But They Still Suffer” had us feeling a little refreshed. Not because it’s good news, but because of how HONEST IT IS. See, at first we were worried, because WHY bring up that abortion deaths are rare. Just because people aren’t dying at record rates for uterus perforation from at home abortions, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care. ONE PERSON dying is too many. But actually the article does a great job of explaining all the ways in which people live in fear and danger when abortion isn’t legal. And it’s horrifying and exacting and well-thought out.

So today we say, be refreshed by people honestly telling their stories, because it’s important to speak your truth, now more than ever.