So Beto O’Rourke has been in our news roundup all week and like… we'd understand if you were like “Why?”

Well, he answered some idiot's question on a campaign stop so suddenly the Washington Examiner is just covering everything he does. We say “Some idiot” because she was pushing the same bullshit lie that all anti-abortion assholes push. And it’s just so not compassionate or kind or understanding that we think PEOPLE SHOULD REALIZE HOW BLATANTLY SHITTY IT IS.

So what she says is basically that there are no EMERGENCY abortions because they… take a few days to happen and that in that time a doctor could just perform surgery on the fetus. OK so… couple things. Don’t talk about shit you don’t know about. ONE. Two, yes it does take a couple of days and it is an intense process for the person getting the abortion. A lot of times the “emergency” situation is that there is something wrong with the fetus. It might not be killing the woman instantly, but it could eventually. You can read a REAL story about a REAL woman who went through an abortion in the third trimester here. It is SO incredibly cruel and heartbreaking that the anti-abortion movement has decided these stories aren’t … REAL? That facts don’t exist. Anti-abortion people just pretend we live in some bizarro world where doctors would actively NOT try every means necessary to let people who want to have babies have a healthy baby. SHAME on the other side for this narrative.

But OK so let’s talk about the non-emergency side of this, where someone cannot have an abortion until the third trimester but has always wanted one. This is rare, but fine, fine, we’ll talk about it. It’s still an intense experience for them and doctors don’t JUST PERFORM IT WILLY NILLY! At a rally later some OTHER idiot asked Beto if his life had no value the day before he was born. And like, to this we say… PEOPLE ARE NOT HAVING ABORTIONS THE DAY BEFORE THEIR DUE DATE. And we shouldn’t even like, extend this little thought experiment because everything anti-abortion people say is in bad faith. 

So don’t let them get away with this argument that we’re saying fetuses don’t have a value, that people are just waking up one morning and saying, “I’ve been pregnant for nine months, but naw, I’m not interested any more.” It’s A DISINGENUOUS ARGUMENT!

Beto’s answer was fine.