For a second we read the headline “Planned Parenthood has been building a secret abortion “mega-clinic” in Illinois” as “mega-church” and we… loved it. WHAT IF WE OPENED A CHURCH GUYS! Cuz, again, religion is NOT just for their side! We can love God and also agree that we love reproductive freedom. Isn’t religion supposed to be about LOVING ONE ANOTHER. 

Honestly, we gotta troll the anti-aboriton monsters whenever we can because… these fools are SOOO sensitive. Look at all these effing CITIES trying to be “sanctuary cities for the unborn.” Honestly… y’all… there is… so much more you can do. Also if you are REALLY sanctuary cities for the “unborn” are you gonna make sure that your maternal mortality rate decreases! Or is this an… empty gesture?? WE WONDERRRRR!

We gotta troll because… these fools passed ALL these unconstitutional anti-abortion laws and now is the time when judges are like “Naw, son…. Why are we even seeing this case?? Why are you wasting my time????” 

We gotta troll because Mr. Activist Mommy still believes ectopic pregnancies just solve themselves and we think he means they DO solve themselves when the pregnant person JUST DIES. THAT’S A SOLUTION. 

We gotta troll because Jackson won big this week with a buffer zone ordinance and… their most ANNOYING protester has ALREADY said he’s just gonna ignore it. 

So keep on getting them mad. That means you’re doing it right.