Abortion my love, abortion my love, abortion my LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE!

It’s a beautiful time of year for doing whatever the fuck you want. Have you noticed (maybe it’s just us, we’ve watched, we wanna say, hours of rom coms) that in rom coms the guy is always yelling at the girl and she’s like “I’m into this, tell me what to do.” HARD NOT SAME! 

So this VDay we hope you get that Queen Latifah in Last Holiday kinda love: live more, laugh more, don’t be so afraid.

And now we’re going do what we love most, dunking on all the shitheads who were being foolish this week. (Because like, don’t be afraid but… always be aware, OK)!

  • They’re trying to do another effing “Born Alive Abortion Survivor This Is Real, We Promise” vote in the Senate and a 20-week ban vote! It’d be dope of we FEDERALLY didn’t pass obviously unconstitutional laws!!! 
  • In Iowa and Kansas this week they’re trying to get a constitutional amendment that says “Abortion isn’t protected here” on the ballot. These politicians are acting like we’re gonna FORCE everyone to pay all their tax dollars towards abortion. AND GUESS WHAT, they GOT US, that’s EXACTLY what we’re gonna do. PAY UP BITCHESSS! 
  • West Virginia continues to whisper into the wind and they passed a “Born Alive” act in the state Senate … ahhh boo boo, no one is gonna care about your anti-abortion politics, you’ll never be as cool as Virginia!
  • Vice wrote a great article about all the ways providers are forced to lie to patients. And we know YOU know, cuz you are smart and follow the blog, but maybe consider sharing with your FRIENDS who don’t know cuz like… YEAH IT’S NUTS THAT PROVIDERS HAVE TO TELL THESE LIES AND IT JUST HAPPENS EVERY DAY! 
  • Utah just wants to put a “we’re banning all abortion just in cases Roe gets overturned this year” bill on the book. Another, awww boo boo, remember how parents wait 20 years in your state for the aid they were promised??? Just something to think about before you do this!  

OK now get out there at get to getting it on! Sure there were some doom and gloom articles about the end of Roe this week! But that doesn’t mean you don’t still get to have fun (for now!) We’ll be back next week with even more news!