Let’s just like, get one thing straight here, friends: We LIKE sonograms. We have … literally nothing against them. They are cool. When are friends have been trying to have babies are like “Hey, we’re pregnant, look at this little dot!” We’re like “Wow, that’s so cool! Congrats!”

WHAT WE DON’T LIKE IS BEING LYING AND MANIPULATIVE AND HATEFUL! So yes, on Saturday we protested HATE GROUP Focus on the Family in Times Square. And much to the chagrin of our haters, NO it was NOT because we were “afraid of the truth”… uh… we’ve seen a fucking sonogram before. We’ve met pregnant people. It’s not like we… don’t know anyone with kids. Chill sonogram. But Focus on the Family also spreads the lie that people are KILLING THEIR BABIES post-birth (which like… is not our issue, we are anti-drowning newborns here). I mean, this quote right here about the event,  is scary:

“The fact that they can now kill a baby even after the baby’s born… it’s heartbreaking,” she elaborated. “That’s what I’ve heard they’re trying to do.”

A REAL HUMAN BEING SAID THIS. The propaganda is WORKING.And also a reminder that Focus on the Family promotes gay conversion therapy… they’re sick. They hate people. We love people and just realize that NOT EVERYONE’S CAN HAVE/WANTS TO HAVE A KID RIGHT NOW! Come ON!

We’re not gonna link to it, but the writer of the Washington Post op-ed: “‘Heartbeat bills’ are wholesome provocations in the abortion debate” makes a similar argumen that we probably HATE sonograms because of what they show. Again, NO obvs not. They are nice for people who want to see them. We just don’t think anyone who’s made the decision to have an abortion should be FORCED to see their sonogram. Also at the march we heard someone say people are being denied the right to see their sonogram. That is OBVIOUSLY not true. We ALSO wouldn’t want patients to NOT get what they ask for. We are pro-patient. SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T WANT TO SEE THEIR EFFING SONOGRAM!

But we’ll leave you with a real joke of a sentence from this garbage op-ed:

No infants are “viable” in that all are helpless, and the law requires that help be given by those responsible for the infant.

LOL…. what??? You can’t just CHANGE the word viable to mean… like independent. That is.. Very much not how the world works.