“I’ll see you in court!” Y’all we love yelling this phrase, on the street, when someone has wronged us, when we’re just feeling bored. But this week we get to yell it at a bunch of anti-abortion extremists! And when we show up at the courthouse we win!

Like in KANSAS this week, we won big! The Supreme Court of Kansas ruled that the STATE CONSTITUTION says that abortion is a right. HELLL YEAH! And anti-abortion jerks are … demuring when it comes to fighting back cuz… that’s how big of a blow this is

And guess what… the same good shit happened in MONTANA too

! And then in Oklahoma… guess what… they also ruled that an abortion restriction was unconstitutional! Can’t deny people medication abortion, yo! So as Alabama attempts to go to ALL the way to the Supreme Court with legislation that… legit… is so unsubtle it makes Georgia seem chill… just remember… we’re on the right side of history. HAPPY FRIDAY!