Look, we’re not saying Meghan McCain RUINED International Women’s Day… but…. Look we like it when stupid people reveal how insincere and based on lies the whole message is. She was pushing a very insincere message about Ilhan Omar and her fake tears REALLY drove home that these people can turn it on for WHATEVER they want… and they don’t really care and nothing matters. I mean, the emperor has no clothes. Meghan McCain lied about “infanticide” on The View and still gets to talk to moms and kids at home sick every day… so… there you have it.

We’ve been talking about the Domestic Gag Rule a lot lately, but for this International Women’s Day, we wanted to discuss the GLOBAL GAG RULE which is still… ruining lives abroad. It prohibits the U.S. from giving money to any place abroad that even REFERS TO abortion. As Dr. Leana Wen said on Rewire, “The global gag rule doesn’t just drastically limit access to safe and legal abortion, it jeopardizes access to all health care offered by the same providers, who are often the most qualified experts in their respective region.”

We’re playing with lives because our politicians are too stupid to understand how the reproductive system works! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!

And further in the “playing with lives for political bullshit” realm, let’s talk Argentina. There a girl who was raped by her grandfather’s boyfriend was forced to HAVE A C-SECTION, FUCKING MAJOR SURGERY, because the government DRAGGED THEIR FEET giving her an abortion. It’s abhorrent! And so is the fact that there are 18 women still in prison for miscarriages in El Salvador.

Reproductive rights are horrifyingly under attack here in the U.S. and abroad. So today we’re thinking of all the amazing activists everywhere, who fight the monsters and never give up! They all deserve to be celebrated for International Women’s Day. And every day!