As you have all seen if you are loyal readers of the blog: things have been PRETTY pretty bleak this summer. Like, eat an ice pop over the sink while crying bleak. And although the Sharknado of anti-abortion … sharks? keeps on rolling today we’re gonna talk about the GOOD stuff today!

Like our queens at Sistersong (and Feminist Women’s Health Center, and ARC Southeast). These awesome reproductive justice warriors see the garbage people first hand EVERY SINGLE DAY and they look them in the eye and are like “Any way, off to provide healthcare!” And now they’re joining forces against the 6-week abortion (“You can have an abortion as long as you don’t know you’re pregnant”) ban! Let Monica Simpson, explain, “Long gone are the days that we’re just sitting here and allowing you all to put forth policy that’s just rooted in white supremacy, patriarchy, sexism.” PREACHHHH! 

A lot of states are getting on Monica’s level this year, by passing their own laws that affirm abortion rights. Illinois just did! And New York is DOUBLING DOUBLING DOWN. First with the Reproductive Health Act, then by giving 250k to abortion funds, THEN by announcing that they’re NOT taking Title X funding (cuz the government has basically striped away… everything that made Title X funding good). Don’t start none, won’t be none, anti-abortion goons!

And another late to the party, but they brought french onion dip so it’s OK contender: The American Medical Association has decided to sue to block some anti-abortion garbage laws that have been passed in NORTH DAKOTA! We’ll give ‘em a giant “better late than never” on this one. But also like… WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF WE LIVED IN A WORLD WHERE A BUNCH OF IDIOT POLITICIANS COULDN’T TELL DOCTORS WHAT TO SAY! Like, how is this even a thing, that a know-nothing politician can just give a doctor a script that is like “You must say that abortion terminates another human life, you must say that people have to Google “abortion reversal” and then click ‘I’m feeling lucky’, you must tell people if they have an abortion they WILL GET CANCER AND DIE.” … Gah sorry, we’re being positive today!

This is all a good start! Let’s keep going!