Wow this is MAYBE the best National Cat Day Ever. That’s because the final in the “Pokemon Go” of “Gotta block them all” abortion laws ALABAMA finally got BLOCKED! “No exceptions for rape and incest” YA BLOCKED, YOU MONSTER! 

The Alabama Attorney General said this decision was “not unexpected.” And we’d just like to say… if y’all KNOW you are passing unconstitutional laws maybe just… knock it off. The Constitution is supposed to give people MORE rights not… fulfill a single-minded agenda that ignores any and all ironies in its relentless attempt to make sure more people die during birth ALL while not offering anyone birth control.

TODAY for one BLISSFUL DAY we will rejoice. Good prevailed. The ACLU has now successfully blocked: Utah, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Georgia’s bans! They presumably will now receive the abortion punch card the other side believes we give out! 

Now week… you are doing so well… please don’t shut down Missouri’s last clinic!